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Boutiques is a tool to automatically publish, integrate, and execute applications across computational platforms. Boutiques applications are summarized in a simple yet rich JSON description, and enable the simulation, validation, evaluation, and application-specific monitoring of command-line tools.

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Portable and scalable analysis.

Boutiques leverages Linux container engines such as Docker and Singularity to deploy tools across platforms without any installation. Computational ecosystems such as CBRAIN or VIP make use of Boutiques descriptors to import and manage deployment of pipelines at scale.

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Descriptor Schema

Boutiques is defined by a JSON schema, meaning that tools described in Boutiques can be flexibly interpretted and edited, regardless of the infrastructure. The schema defines inputs, outputs, error codes, input-groups, containers, and more.

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Python Package

You can simply install the Boutiques package with pip install boutiques. This package enables validation,simulation, execution, publishing, and the evaluation of descriptors and their invocations from a simple command-line tool, bosh.

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Zenodo Repository

Many descriptors are available through the Zenodo resource-sharing portal. bosh publish command enables you to push your descriptor for public consumption, as well.

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Get involved!

The Boutiques schema and tools are under active development, and new contributors are always welcome. Be sure to check out the contribution guide and get started on a beginner issue.


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