Command-line tool

usage: bosh [--help]

Positional Arguments


Possible choices: create, data, deprecate, evaluate, example, exec, export, import, invocation, pprint, publish, pull, search, test, validate, version


TOOL CREATION * create: create a Boutiques descriptor from scratch. * export: export a descriptor to other formats. * import: create a descriptor for a BIDS app or update a descriptor from an older version of the schema. Options: “bids”, “0.4”, “cwl”, “docopt” * validate: validate an existing boutiques descriptor.

TOOL USAGE & EXECUTION * example: generate example command-line for descriptor. * pprint: generate pretty help text from a descriptor. * exec: launch or simulate an execution given a descriptor and a set of inputs. * test: run pytest on a descriptor detailing tests.

TOOL SEARCH & PUBLICATION * deprecate: deprecate a published tool. The tool will still be published and usable, but it won’t show in search results. * publish: create an entry in Zenodo for the descriptor and adds the DOI created by Zenodo to the descriptor. * pull: download a descriptor from Zenodo. * search: search Zenodo for descriptors.

DATA COLLECTION * data: manage execution data collection.

OTHER * evaluate: given an invocation and a descriptor,queries execution properties. * invocation: generate or validate inputs against the invocation schema * for a given descriptor. * version: print the Boutiques version.

Named Arguments

--help, -h

show this help message and exit

Default: False

Python API


Refer to the Command-line tool section above