Command-line tool

Deprecates a published descriptor by creating a new version with the ‘deprecated’ tag on Zenodo. The descriptor remains available from its Zenodo id, but it won’t show in search results. This works by creating a new version of the tool in Zenodo, marked with keyword ‘deprecated’.

usage: bosh deprecate [-h] [--by BY] [--zenodo-token ZENODO_TOKEN] [-v]

Positional Arguments


Zenodo id of the descriptor to deprecate, prefixed by ‘zenodo.’, e.g. zenodo.123456

Named Arguments


Zenodo id (e.g., zenodo-1234) of a descriptor that will supersede the deprecated one.


Zenodo API token to use for authentication. If not used, token will be read from configuration file or requested interactively.

-v, --verbose

Print information messages

Default: False


use Zenodo’s sandbox instead of production server. Recommended for tests.

Default: False

Python API


Refer to the Command-line tool section above