Command-line tool

Imports old descriptor or BIDS app or CWL descriptor or docopt script to spec.

usage: bosh importer [-h] [-o OUTPUT_INVOCATION] [-i INPUT_INVOCATION]
                     type output_descriptor input_descriptor

Positional Arguments


Possible choices: bids, 0.4, cwl, docopt

Type of import we are performing. Allowed values: {bids, 0.4, cwl, docopt}


Where the Boutiques descriptor will be written.


Input descriptor to be converted. For ‘0.4’, is JSON descriptor, for ‘docopt’ is JSON descriptor, for ‘bids’ is base directory of BIDS app, for ‘cwl’ is YAML descriptor.

Named Arguments

-o, --output-invocation

Where to write the invocation if any.

-i, --input-invocation

Input invocation for CWL if any.

Python API


Refer to the Command-line tool section above